If you wear hearing aids, you may have difficulty wearing a protective mask around your ears.  Here are some simple solutions to get the elastic off your ears.

If you have a mask that goes around the head instead of over the ears, this is the simplest solution
  If your hair can be put in a bun or pony tail, wrap the mask ear loops around the bun.
  Sew two buttons onto a piece of ribbon to wear on the back of your head. Attach the mask ear loops to the buttons.
  Sew two buttons onto a fabric headband above your ears and hook the mask ear loops onto the buttons


Make sure your hearing aids do not get tangled up in the mask loops when taking your mask off.

Place a small piece of Hollywood Tape (double-sided tape) on the inside of your hearing aid to secure it behind your ear

Hollywood tape can be purchased from Woolworths, Coles, Myer

In Woolworths you will find Hollywood tape in the haberdashery section (with the sewing supplies)


Solutions for people who rely on visual cues (lip reading).

  Face shield


There are a range of options available from Bunnings.

  Reusable Masks


Reusable mask with clear window, available with ear loops or behind head ties

These masks are $25 each and are made locally.  They sell out quickly, but the website is updated weekly at 4pm.

These masks do not have TGA approval.


  Safe’N’ Clear Masks (Single Use)


Available from safenclear.com

Stock is difficult to get at the moment, and they take a while to ship from the USA.  These masks have not been approved by the TGA, but do have FDA approval.  If ordering these don’t forget to factor in the USD to AUD conversion.

  Voice to text on your phone.


If you have an iPhone open then “Notes” app.  Next open a new document, then when the keyboard comes up press the microphone button at the bottom right hand side of your screen.  Anything that is said will be displayed as text.


Similar features are available on android phones.

(With thanks to Cathryn Williams at Chelsea Hearing.)