I am an Audiologist with many years’ experience in the areas of diagnostic audiology and the fitting of hearing aids and other devices.  I am passionate about achieving the best hearing outcomes for my clients.

I spent much of my career working at the University of Melbourne and the Royal Vic Eye and Ear Hospital, both as a lecturer and as a clinician.  I have a wealth of experience with selection, fitting and fine-tuning hearing aids, in particular. I was course coordinator and main lecturer for the hearing aids and aural rehabilitation units in the Audiology course at the University of Melbourne.  I was part of the team to develop the cochlear implant (Bionic Ear) under the leadership of Professor Graeme Clark, later becoming Coordinator of the Cochlear Implant Clinic. I have also lectured to Audiology students at La Trobe University.  Between 2017 and 2019, I have been a co-researcher on a project at Swinburne University, investigating the effects of hearing loss and hearing aid use on cognition.

I established my own independent audiology clinic in Mitcham, in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne.  As an independent audiologist, I am free to recommend and fit the most appropriate hearing aids from any of the nine Australian hearing aid manufacturers, based on an individual’s hearing levels, lifestyle, preferences and budget.  Compared to many larger clinics, I have low overheads, and are able to pass on the savings to our clients. 

I believe in evidence-based selection, fitting and fine-tuning of hearing aids.

Alison Hennessey Audiology
Alison Hennessey

Advantages of this clinic:

  • Appointments are not rushed, and results and options are explained fully on completion of the hearing test.
  • An appointment to discuss options to improve hearing is free-of-charge and no-obligation.
  • Wide range of hearing aids available, with the relative benefits of different hearing aid styles and technology levels carefully discussed.
  • Professional best-practice fitting procedures to ensure the amplification is optimised for the individual.
  • Personalised service: Always see the same Audiologist (Alison) for all appointments.
  • Home visits and after-hours appointments are available.
  • My extensive knowledge, expertise and experience in optimising hearing aids.
  • 30-day no-obligation hearing aid trials.
  • Willingness to trial several different hearing aids, to find the best option for an individual.
  • Low fees and prices (happy to provide a quote).